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Mist Carpet Cleaning has served Atlanta since 1996
Yes, although unfortunately many carpet cleaners in the area do not. This means that if one of their employees is injured in your home or business you may be at risk for a law suit. Mist Carpet Cleaning carries all insurances and licenses required for the tasks we perform. We want to protect our clients and make every contact with them a great experience.
No, Mist Carpet Cleaning is an independent carpet cleaning and restoration company. The problem with franchises are that some offices may offer exceptional work while other local offices do poor work; yet they all are promoted in national advertising campaigns as being the same. We are proud of the reputation and trust we have personally built in this community through many years of service
Absolutely, we are happy to give you a FREE estimate! Just call for an appointment and one of our friendly technicians will come by. You and he will look at your carpet together and he will give you a firm price right on the spot. We even schedule enough time for him to clean your carpet then if you wish. Or you have the option of setting an appointment at another time. We also give free estimates for cleaning tile & grout, ducts & vents, and upholstery. And remember, you get our guarantee for "the most thorough carpet cleaning ever or its free".
Yes. We use special solutions that will totally elinimate pet odor in most cases. In extreme cases such as sofa cushions have been repeatedly abused, it may also require for you, the owner, to replace the foam inside. However this is rarely neccessary.
We understand your concern for your family and home. The Mist Carpet Cleaning employees visiting your home were given police background checks, drug tests, credit checks and even personality profiles before they were hired. Mist Carpet Cleaning employees arrive at your home in a well marked vehicle and in company uniform.
The top carpet manufacturers in the world recommend using the hot water extraction process (sometimes called "steam cleaning"). Mist Carpet Cleaning uses hot water extraction exclusively to achieve a "deep down" clean.
Normally just a few hours since most of the water is vaccuumed away during the extraction process. You can walk on your damp carpet but usually its better to remove your shoes to prevent resoiling it while it is wet. Usually the technician has disposable booties for you.
Many discolorations on your carpet can be removed including spots from rust, food, beverages, blood, pet urine, etc. There are other options such as re-dying or replacing a small area with a similar piece cut from a closet or scrap. A Mist Carpet Cleaning technician can help you understand your best option.
By simple cleaning industry definitions, a spot is something that can be removed and a stain is something that can't. One way of understanding this is Red Wine or Kool-Aid spilled on your kitchen table can be easily wiped clean but the furniture's color finish, the furniture's stain, will remain.
Carpet stretches after years of use and is no longer tight on your floor. A Mist Carpet Cleaning technician can restretch your undamaged carpet so it will lie flat on your floor again. Carpet stretching can make your carpet look newer and last longer. Call for a free quote!
Mist Carpet Cleaning is available for emergency water extraction in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "After hour" calls are answered by an emergency call center which will connect you with someone (usually the owner of the company). Just tell the operator that you have an emergency. A technician will immediately be dispatched to your home or business at any time day or night, even on week-ends and holidays 365 days a year!
Yes. Mist Carpet Cleaning is on the direct repair program for mostl major insurance companies. We are linked to their computers for billing purposes using special software.This simplifies everything for simplified communication. Each insurance company has its own policy regarding how your deductible is handled.
The water may be clean when it entered your carpet but would you drink off the floor? But even worse, the longer the carpet is wet the more bacteria, mold and other organic matter can multiply and cause serious health risks. Most insurance policies require owners to take immediate action to prevent (mitigate) any secondary damage from occuring, such as mold growth. When you or your insurance agent calls us, we respond quickly to remove the water from your floor and dry out additional moisture that may have been soaked into walls, furniture and cabinets.
After extracting the water from the carpet there is still extra moisture left behind in the carpet, sheet rock, building frame, furniture, cabinets, draperies, etc. Often time this moisture is equal to tens of thousands of gallons of water. The two main types of equipment left behind are air movers (often referred to as blowers) and dehumidifiers. Air blowers remove moisture from materials and suspend these water molecules in the air. The dehumidifiers suck in the moist air, separate the water, and blow out warm dry air. The water removed is sent to a sink or other drain through a clear hose.
Applied Structural Drying is the method of drying out a building using scientific principles instead of guesswork. Insurance companies prefer this approach because they know that your home will be properly dried out and no secondary damage from mold will occur. Applied Structural Drying takes into account the size of your home, building materials, and how much of the area is affected, to determine how much and what kinds of equipment is needed. In addition, technicians return to the site daily to document the drying process.<br />Mist Carpet Cleaning has IICRC certified technicians.
Wicking is the occurance of moisture rising through a material. Imagine an oil lamp with blue oil in a clear base. The oil is at the bottom and the fire is a few inches above it. How does the oil get to the flame? It climbs up the wick! Another example is water being drawn from the ground by tree roots, going up the trunk, through the limbs, and delivered to the leaves. In the same way, water in a carpet pad and carpet will eventually wick up the carpet fibers and evaporate into the air. However this may take weeks or months. Aplied Structural Drying techniques accelerate wicking so that the carpet will dry in just a few days--giving mold no time to take a foot hold.
Mist Carpet Cleaning technicians can expertly clean cotton, silk, leather, velour, synthetic fabrics, etc. We clean sofas, love seats, dining room chairs, mattresses, even fabrics used as wall covering. Differnt materials require different cleaning methods. Call us for a free quote.
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning,and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit organization that certifies individuals and firms that have demonstrated expertise and a commitment to ethical business practices in the cleaning and restoration industry. The IICRC also sets standards in the industry and publishes manuals that are used by industry professionals, by goverment agencies and to help decide law suits. Individuals wishing to be certified must take approved courses from the IICRC accretited schools and pass rigorous written tests. Mist Carpet Cleaning is proud to have certifications from the I.I.C.R.C. and also be a certified firm.

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