1. Trust
The most important aspect of the business relationships we form with our clients is trust. In our opinion this is even more important than the premium services themselves. In order for our relationship to work smoothly, and stay that way, this aspect of trust must always be present, and we will work to preserve this trust at all costs. Trust is the most important part of any relationship be it a business relationship or not. Now lets focus on the qualities that Mist Carpet has to offer in this unique industry of carpet, furniture, and fine area rug attendance.

2. Reputation
Our company’s reputation is second to none. We have been providing the finest carpet cleaning Atlanta has to offer for the past 22 years! Not to mention our premium area rug and furniture cleaning services. Many of our clients have been counting on this reputation for nearly  2 decades.

3. Experience
Our company is experienced in cleaning all fabric types and a wide variety of soiling situations. And as we have already mentioned we are very proud of the fact that we have been in business since 1988. And we have been in the same location, specifically in the Atlanta area which gives us the inside scoop on meeting the needs of this unique community. Mist Carpet Cleaning has been the company that many people have been counting on to get their carpets as clean as possible for the last 22 years. You too can count on Mist Carpet to get your job done right.

4. Cleaning Process
With 22 years cleaning experience we have cleaned every type of carpet imaginable as well as fabrics, and rugs from around the world. We are experienced with all types of cleaning processes, wet and dry. We use the most advanced techniques on the market that provide maximum soil removal with no over wetting.

5. Cleaning Products
Our cleaning products, odor free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic baby and pet safe. Made with all natural ingredients, our cleaning products are absolutely the safest used in our industry.

6. Referral Rewards Program
The majority of our new business comes to us from referrals. And we are very pleased to have a program that enables us to reward our loyal clients for their valuable referrals. This program also saves their friends, families, neighbors, and clients money for just mentioning their name to us when they call.

7. Guarantee

The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or it’s FREE!
That’s right, if you are not satisfied we will promptly (notice we say promptly, and that is exactly what we mean) return to re-clean any and all areas of concern. And if you are still unimpressed the service is FREE! We will refund the cost of cleaning 100%.

What could be more fair?

How about this: If there are any spots that return with-in 2 weeks we will return to re-clean them! Not enough? How about with-in 1 month! Yes it’s true. But how can we afford to do this? Because when we clean your carpets the spots don’t come back. However if they do, so will we.


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